E1 Single Crystal Growth of Metals with Complex Order
E2 Determination of Electronic Structure Using Spin-Polarized Positrons
E3 Magnetization and de Haas-van Alphen Effect of Correlated Electrons
E4 Neutron Reflectometry on Magnetic Layers
E5 Cooperative Phenomena in Correlated Materials and Topological Properties
E6 Topological Quantum Phases in Correlated Electron Systems with Large Spin-Orbit Coupling
E7 Dynamical Probes for Spin Liquids
F1 Spatially and Momentum Resolved Raman Studies of Correlated Systems
F2 Stabilizing Magnetic Order under Extreme Conditions
F3 Lifetimes of Magnetic Excitations
F4 Magnetic Resonance on Correlated Matter
F5 Dielectric and Optical Spectroscopy on Correlated Electron Systems
F6 Electronic Correlations in Models and Materials
F7 Magnonic Excitations in Skyrmion Lattices and Artificially Tailored Periodic Magnetic Configurations
F8 Many-Body Localization in Condensed Matter Settings
G1 Neutron and X-Ray Scattering of Oxide Heterostructures
G3 Interface Induced Electronic States in Correlated Matter
G4 Electronic Structure and Phase Transitions
G5 Electronic Phases of Oxide Heterostructures Tailored on the Nanoscale
G7 Electronic Structure and Transport Properties of Correlated Inhomogeneous Systems
G8 Thermoelectric Properties of Transition-Metal Oxide Thin Films and Superlattices
G9 Manipulation of magnon propagation in materials with complex magnetic order
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